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Read the rest It doesn’t matter if you are a single father or a parent in a stable marriage, budgeting is important.It becomes even more important if you are a single father because you are living on a single income.…The one major problem that single fathers face is their finances. In this article, you learn about the various financial problems that a single father face and tips to deal with them.…Read the rest For most households, housing remains one of the main expenses.

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He has been the textbook definition of awesome so far. I am rather middle class and have no clue how to fit into his world.

Dating a co-worker can be a thrilling and wonderful thing — that is until the relationship falters.

Here are seven pros and cons of dating (and breaking up with) a co-worker so you know what to expect before you decide to get involved. Con: You might have to keep your relationship a secret from co-workers.

However, a job is also something that helps you deal with the divorce.

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In this article, you would learn about how you can use your job as a form of ‘therapy’ for your divorce.…more Mathematicians may have careers as varied as mathematics itself, working everywhere from classrooms to government buildings.

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