Dating survival guide

15-Dec-2017 02:59

Our technological advances have given us a power of connectivity that, while spectacular, is still an experiment.

Mindful online dating is possible; we just need to decide how it’s done.

Let’s be honest – browsing the wilderness of online dating can feel like sending your ego straight into a land mine field.

Not only does online dating encourage a judgmental attitude – it requires it.

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I would like for someone to comment that my survey revealed a lot of qualities they found interesting or intelligent. In your profile, don’t give away personal information. That way there are no expectations or guilt trips available. Another man I spoke with had lost his wife to cancer three years earlier. After we corresponded a few times, I gave him my number. I felt he was still grieving for his wife and his son had just moved out and he was lonesome.

Shyness and introversion for the longest time were confused, leaving many introverts feeling as if they were somehow lacking the socialization gene that everyone else seemed to blessed with.

You see, introverts really don’t like the phone, small talk can be a drag and networking can feel fake.

Then if we don’t find anyone or if the people we message don’t message us back, we get discouraged. Set up accounts on multiple sites — wherever you want to cast your net. I stared with three sites, then ended up canceling two and just using one. I made sure I only used it as a tool, and got on when I was only in a good “mood.” But at the end of the day, I prefer to meet people the old-fashioned way, in person.

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Instead of holding onto a pole, we must cast a net. I think many make the mistake of fishing instead of casting, spending hours and hours in front of the computer searching for our perfect match like old people in front of a slot machine.

If you surf when you’re in seeking mode, you're setting yourself up for disappointment. Everything about your online presence should be a snapshot of the true you, and this includes how you type.

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