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But Lundgren’s work has almost always been, in some way or another, about sex and death.

This is the Lundgren of Lundgren Monuments, a studio that makes cast-glass tombstones and artist-designed urns.

There are theme rooms for every imaginable fetish or join one of the local communities to chat with members in your area.

BDSM CHAT contains adult chat rooms and other adult content and is strictly for 18 years and over.

The film depicts an entire session with a chat girl, complete with lots of tits, topless violin playing, a Kramer-esque gay nextdoor neighbor and an altercation with the SPD.

It will be nice and mellow, very relaxing." Ever have sex that you regretted? I can't even remember her name, I was so drunk--isn't that awful?

, his 83-minute-long film about a cam girl that screened at Northwest Film Forum on July 18.

The Lundgren who constructed a large, sculptural sex toy named “Cliff” for the exhibit screened, and here we are in a fairly empty Pettirosso on a sweltering July afternoon to talk about about the latest leg of his artistic career. I’ve made a couple of those too though, for private consumption of course. I had a friend who was a chat girl and she introduced me to this chat website. I like it because it’s full of diversity, a kind of indie site. No story lines, not great actors usually, but they make tons of money. The idea of making a movie in one take was also interesting. That being said, if I didn’t know Rosalie—if I didn’t have the right actor for it—I would never have moved forward with it.

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