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Visit the Sofiisko-Uspensky Cathedral, the Gostiny Dvor shopping arcade, the prison castle and the Treasury Chamber (Swedish Chamber), which was built in the 18th century by Swedish prisoners.Conclude with a visit to the old Zavalny Cemetery, where many interesting graves have survived, and a monument to Yermak, who led the Russian conquest of Siberia.Petersburg, 1,700 feet from the subway stations of Gorkovskaya and Petrogradskaya. A trip to the depths of an ancient ocean, the secrets of life-giving and dead water, amazing ancient architecture, a night in a tent next to a UFO: all this and more can be found in the Ural Mountains, which stretches for 2,500 kilometers from the Arctic Ocean to Kazakhstan.Born in Zlatoust, Russia, on May 23, 1951, Anatoly Karpov showed an aptitude for chess at an early age and became a grandmaster at 19.He reaped monetary rewards and international acclaim while reigning as the world champion of chess from 1975 until 1985, when he ceded his title to Gary Kasparov.Gorkovskaya Metro Station is 2,950 feet away, providing access to the city centre.

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In 1984, Karpov faced another of his countrymen, Gary Kasparov, to fight for the world championship.In 1970, he tied for fourth place at an international tournament in Caracas, Venezuela, and was awarded the grandmaster title.His Elo rating shot from 2540 in 1971 to 2660 in 1973, when he shared second in the USSR Chess Championship, and finished equal first with Viktor Korchnoi in the Leningrad Interzonal Tournament, with the latter success qualifying him for the 1974 Candidates Matches, which would determine the challenger of the reigning world champion, Bobby Fischer.Karpov continues to support chess with schools and outreach programs across the globe.

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Professional Chess player Anatoly Yevgenyevich Karpov was born in Zlatoust, Russia (then the Soviet Union), on May 23, 1951. His early skills were developed in the Soviet manner, with intensive coaching and long hours of practice. Anatoly Karpov continued to develop his chess game, becoming a grandmaster at the age of 19.In 19, Karpov succeeded in keeping his title while playing against Korchnoi once more.